Author Guidelines

File to Download:

  1. Author Guidelines (Journal Template) 
  2. Journal Publishing Agreement

The submission is conducted online (not by email). However, for information related to the revision, acceptance, or rejection of a manuscript, is sent through email. Revisions in response to the reviewing of the reviewers must also be returned online.



Please access the then select the "Register" menu and proceed by filling the PROFILE columns, available ranging from "user name" to "register as". Do not forget to check the "author" on the option of "register as" in the lower-left corner. Subsequently, save the data by clicking the "register" button on the lower left. If you have already registered, please select "click here" at the top right corner, or directly click the "Login" button by filling the username and password.

Submitting a manuscript after completing the registration, as an author please submit a manuscript by clicking MAKE A SUBMISSION in the upper right. Subsequently, check the five small columns available on the left, and click SAVE and CONTINUE at the bottom right. The following step is UPLOADING THE SUBMISSION by choosing the file (browsing) and uploading it. Once the upload is complete, please click SAVE and CONTINUE at the bottom right. Next, click on the Entering the Submission's Metadata and copy and paste the data on the available columns, such as title, abstract, etc. Subsequently, click SAVE and CONTINUE at the bottom right. Perform the next steps until reaching the "CONFIRMING THE SUBMISSION" step by clicking the "FINISH SUBMISSION" button in the middle right that marks the end of the submission.